Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your family history work?

You've come to the right place. My name is Jen Moyle and I have started this Blog to share, tools, tips and techniques to help you be better organised within your genealogy work space and preserve your documents and treasured pieces correctly for the next couple of generations to enjoy.

I want you to feel energised by your well organised, efficient work space and a sense of great achievement from preserving your substantial research efforts for generation to come.

My akaisa story

I would love to say I have always been well organised and that I new how to protect the fragile documents I have inherited; that I was well versed in protecting the old photographs that have been entrusted to me; that I understood the latest digitisation techniques - well I am not and I need to be.

A few years back a special person passed away. Her family distributed and disposed of many possessions according to her requests. They kept all the photo albums, some trophies, sporting and war medals, books, scrapbooks, documents and so on and they packed them into two large plastic storage containers.

I created an electronic record of the contents so all the siblings could enjoy the memories. This is when I became interested in the importance of collecting and properly storing memorabilia, documents and other artifacts to preserve them and extend their life for as long as possible.

I then revisited my family history notes and paraphernalia to re-orientate myself with my progress. It had been quite a few years – let me tell you! And OMGoodness, what a mess!!!!

I recently began researching how other people organised their records and stored those precious little pieces. I have learned that the term “organised filing system” is subjective and very much up for debate! I have decided my test will be “finding ability”. When my system is in place I will ask Mr akaisa and other family visitors to find specific things in my family history studio.

So, with a multitude of challenges in front of me, I have started this Blog and invite you along for the journey.

About Jen

My professional journey has seen me live in many places across Australia, mainly with the health and agricultural industries on short and medium term contract work. For the past ten years I have gained little satisfaction from my workplaces. It was time for a change.

I have read many times that if we became uncomfortable enough with a situation we will make a change and this is exactly what I chose to do in 2016. With full support of Mr. akaisa I took a break when I finished my contract in October last year. However, I love working but did not have a clue what I could do now.

Struggling to work out what my new career path looked like, I would map out a thousand or more ideas and let them bubble away at the back of my mind until a couple floated to the surface. What followed was determination to create a business that would connect me to one of my favourite interests, use many of my skills, give me the flexibility with my time and tap into that excitement of doing something fun every day.

I have been dabbling in genealogy since 1987, however life, work, professional studies and a lack of discipline have all resulted in very little progress. I have collected family information in an adhoc and spontaneous way. I love genealogy but it has always taken a back seat.

So, while I was having a break from the work place, I revisited my family history records and the light bulb went on.

While I love the research associated with genealogy – gathering of documents, creating new ones and inheriting special pieces - what was the point if this stuff was not stored correctly and in a well organised way.

With clear goals and a level of excitement I had not experienced for many years akaisa – Archiving Knowledge and Information Services Australia was born. I set my home studio up after negotiating for the end bay in Mr akaisa’s shed and here we are today.


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